An Italian chef in Bangkok offering ‘Italian Omakase’ – a marriage of classic Italian cooking with the Japanese concept of a multi-course, no-choice chef’s menu – may sound like something of a cultural smorgasbord, but for Maurizio it makes perfect sense.

Maurizio’s latest project is “White Lies” with just 22 covers restaurant concept is one of intimacy, luxury and an unforgettable dining experience that would be difficult to create at home: new Italian with an element of theatre. The food comes in one or two bites, from amuse-bouche to fruit, all seasonal and changing almost daily to reflect what ingredients are at their best. It’s like the old-style Osteria in Italy, where the host would prepare the meal of the day and serve it to the guests – but in a more refined way.

Luxury and sustainable ingredients – special selected caviar, lobster, japanesse water fish, wild game to artisanal cheeses – regularly feature on the menu, which may be up to 15 courses, with everything sourced as freshly as possible from the World’s best suppliers or small artisan farmers.
And, with so many courses, lightness of touch is crucial.

Chef Maurizio, with his very refined cuisine, light, bright and unique, yet still classic – will indulge your senses without moving too far from his roots.