…With exceptional reputation, working here is precise, skillful and demanding,sometimes even a little obsessive. Yet, it is also stimulating, creative, enjoyable and fun.

The White Lies experience is not quite a story but more of a journey, one that begins the moment our guests have booked their seats. Based on Maurizio Menconi favourite nostalgic moments, the restaurant is full of adventure, curiosity, discovery and playfulness.

Indeed, the people we recruit required having some experiences and exposure relevant to the job, but equally important to us is your passion, energy and determination.

Since our Philosophy is not just to create a dish that restore, but to fulfill the mind, enrich the experiences along with it. It is truly our mission to find someone who shares the same passion upon this ground.

Should you think you can wow our guests with your talents either with culinary or service sides, please submit your Resume at [email protected] We’ll be happy to welcome you as part of our family!