Khomsan Khayankai
Sous Chef

"Success does not only come from experience.
But from his effort."

Panna Lertsri
Pastry Chef

"I'm not only a chef, but I also want to be a storyteller."

Rachanon Wanichvisitgul
Chef De Partie

"Cooking is a lifelong learning."

Supachok Pratoumtong
Chef De Partie (Pastry)

"Time is the ultimate luxury."

Chanchit Phowthongbutr
Commis De Cuisine

"Cooking creating is Emotions."

Kraiyarach Panyang
Commis De Cuisine

"Details in every dish are our job."

Jeremy Gaubert
Restaurant Manager

"I love to surprise customers and leave a mark
in their memory."

Siwapol Patumanondh

"Life filled with story and journey, every wine either."

Supachai Piluek
Chef De Rang

"The bird on the sky are not afraid of falling because trust on the wings not on the sky."

Yupin Cheawong

"Like neatness. Like beautiful things."

Phongjit Wannarat

"I love cleanliness because I see beauty in it."

Narongsak Bunsroeth

"Cleanliness is my happiness."